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Working at Pass the Crayon will be a unique experience. You will have the chance to bring your expertise and vision at the start of an organization and take credit for your own work. Pass the Crayon believes in a flexible, inclusive, empowering, and non-discriminating work environment, recognizing and giving credit to the work and talent of each of its collaborators. The organization is convinced that the working patterns provided nowadays are outdated, and therefore we aim to develop a management structure based on equality and collaboration among colleagues. Pass the Crayon recognizes, respects, and actively promotes individual differences, and that’s why the organization is not offering a rigid working model.

  • This means concretely that the organization places trust in each of its collaborators and gives them the possibility to freely manage their time and their duties.

  • This also means that the voice and opinion of each team members is valuable and will be heard at every level of responsibility.

Nowadays, conventional academic training and knowledge are often privileged, contributing to the strengthening of social inequalities and abandoning a significant portion of talented people. However, Pass the Crayon believes in the “learning by doing” process, and we welcome people who are self-taught and self-educated. Pass the Crayon is convinced that the strength of a team comes from the diversity of its members. Rather than exclude anyone, the organization wants to open its doors to every individual convinced of their abilities and allow everyone a chance to provide us with support.

EDUCATOR/social worker


Pass the Crayon seeks to facilitate the integration of refugee children using art as a way of growing their social and emotional skills. Through creative group activities Pass the Crayon helps build the self-confidence, self-awareness, and relationship building skills needed in order to integrate into a new society. Pass the Crayon believe in stimulating the creativity innate within all children to help them overcome challenges and be full members of German society.

We are a very young organization and therefore work in a small team. By joining us, you will have an impact and responsibility in your everyday tasks. Your job is not to make coffee or make copies, but we will work hand in hand. At the end of your internship, we will make sure that your work is valued.


Remuneration: Unpaid / Voluntary work

Duration: 3-6 months

Type of contract: Part-time (3 days per week)


  • Presence during the 3 workshops every week (Tue, Fri, Sat afternoon)

  • Office work before or after the workshops on Tue and Fri

  • Participate in the activities

  • Evaluation of the group and activities

  • Help coordinate volunteers

Your profile:

  • Creative

  • Fluent in German and English

  • Experience in social work. Graduate or undergraduate student

  • Strategic thinking

  • Flexible, adaptable

  • Ability to communicate with diverse population and groups

  • Empathy

What we offer:

  • Coworking office space shared with other social organizations at Migration Hub Network

  • Possibility to work from home

  • A welcoming and respectful environment

  • Work in a young growing NGO where your contribution matters

  • Artistic field

  • The opportunity to bring your own ideas

  • Small team

Pass the Crayon seeks to address inclusion through art and creativity. We are a diversity employer, and are always looking forward to welcoming new members regardless of their ethnicity, citizenship status, or national background; gender presentation or gender identity; sexual orientation or sexual identity; ability; age; or marital and parental status.

Send us your application here:


We are looking forward to reading your e-mails!

Martin and Sevin

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